We are devoted to providing excellence in communication creative and dedicated to creating work that best supports our client’s communication goals by helping develop powerful messages through a graphic designer, logo designer, and digital photography.

We see every business is idiosyncratic and has its particular challenges. Whether it needs to launch, brand, or renew a desired reaction with a specific audience, and re-engage your workforce for continued success, our ability to design compelling creative only matched by our commitment to understanding your business objectives.

Lasher Studio treats each challenge uniquely and implements solutions that tailored to your specific requirements. We help craft your message, refine it to perfection, advise on the best medium to reach your intended audience.

Brand & Design Lasher Studio has a simple focus to create and rejuvenate great brands through inspired ideas and intelligent design. How do we do this? By working back from the big idea and bringing together a talented team of unique skill-sets to make things happen. Whether you’re just starting out, or looking for a studio with the maturity and firepower to take an established brand to the next level, Lasher Studio is well placed to meet your design requirements.
Print Collateral &&And Web solutions The finished product has to see the concept, then raise it. Logo, Brochures, business cards, fliers, postcards, folders, signage, Point Of Sale, newsletters, posters, invitations, T-Shirt design, A4 letterhead and with comps, flipbooks, annual reports, direct mail, E-Posters, Web content such as Banners, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter. Whether to be marketing materials, you'll find it here.
Photography From fashion to property, food to festivals, portraits to landscapes and beyond, Lasher Studio can nail talent sourcing, capture, retouching and studio shoots, all for far less than you might imagine. We can assist in ensuring your product shines. At our studio, we offer a variety of creative services tailored to you, your business or personal project, and your vision. We meet you where you are in your journey and walk you through a personalized experience, from beginning to end.

We invite you to bring bits of our stories into your life, home, and business.


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